the mountain of the active people

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Belasitsa in a nutshell

  • Forests

    The slopes of Belasitsa shelter the largest sweet chestnut forests on the Balkans.

  • Waters

    Belasitsa is home to more than 15 beautiful waterfalls including the highest waterfall in FYR Macedonia above the village of Smolare.

  • Panoramas

    The main ridge of Belasitsa is a place which offers simultaneous observation of the three highest summits on the Balkans.

  • Outdoor activities

    Belasitsa offers numerous opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, trail running or just a refreshing straw outdoor.

Upcoming events

Belasitsa Bike Tour 6-7 June 2020
Belasitsa Sky Run 3 October 2020
Kongur Speed Climb 4 October 2020