Smolari (FYR Macedonia) - Petrich (Bulgaria).

Karen Dawson

The route of Belasitsa Sky Run is 81.4 km long and starts from the village of Smolari in Macedonia, climbs steeply to the Mountain ridge, passes through the challenging Cut Rock Peak (1785 m.a.s.l.), descends to the villages of Staro and Novo Konjarevo and crosses the border with Bulgaria at Zlatarevo check point. On the Bulgarian territory the route continues through the village of Gabrene and enters Belasitsa Nature Park reaching the village of Klyuch from where a new challenging ascent begins to the highest peak of Belasitsa - Radomir (2029 m.a.s.l.) continues along the ridge to the east to Kongur Peak and descends through centuries-old beech and chestnut forests to the final in Petrich.